Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Graduate School

Hello! Long time no see!

I apologize that moving and graduate school has taken over my life for the past couple weeks. I have had very little time to keep up with my blogs and the blogs of others! But now I am all moved-in and my classes have begun, so I am hoping to find my routine and be able to update this blog a little more regularly.

So far the program (dual MA Anth and MPH) is going well. Its exciting to be back in the university world and so much fun to be studying Anthropology again. I am also learning a lot about Public Health which is thrilling. There are a ton of subfields that I never knew about, and though there aren't a plethora of students and faculty working on birth-related research, there are some. It is going to be so awesome to hook up with people who are also interested in studying cultural perceptions of breastfeeding, the medicalization of birth, etc etc and just talk and talk with them!

I've nearly decided to do a Biocultural Medical Anthropology concentration for my Anth degree. I've also begun my Graduate Assistantship helping organize a Maternal and Child Health Training Grant. 

I'm the only doula I've come across (surprise surprise) but not the only one interested in prenatal and postpartum health issues, which is great. I haven't begun majorly advertising my doula services in this area yet, because I'm hoping to get a feel for my graduate program this first semester.

Thanks for following along!

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