Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Inside Home Birth

Really great site called Inside Home Birth: A project done by two Columbia media majors:

Inside Home Birth is the work of multimedia journalists Mathilde Piard and Michelle Stockman. We decided to take a look at women who are so disillusioned with standard American birth practices that they choose to birth at home, and the current trends that might influence that decision.
Over five months we conducted interviews with over 100 sources, speaking with midwives, doulas, obstetricians and child birth educators. We were invited into the homes of parents who decided to have home births and followed them as their decision played out in real time.
The final product became our Master’s Project for the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism 2007-2008.
Unfortunately, the site is mostly videos which don't seem to be working.  All of the Interactive parts of the site are working, though! And they are great:

Interactive Birth Settings Comparison: Hospital and Home Birth where you can roll over the components of each setting.

Interactive Interventions at Hospital and Home.  You can choose Home and learn about Laxatives, Movement, Nipple Stimulation, Water, and Touch and how they affect a woman's body. You can also choose Hospital and learn about Cesarean section, Epidural, Episiotomy and Pitocin all affect each part of a woman's body (by rotating the woman on the left and clicking each body part).

Interactive NY State Insurance Agency coverage for Home Births.  Click each company name for more info.

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