Friday, March 12, 2010

Breast Milk Cheese

Would you ever taste human breast milk? Many people of talking age, both toddlers and adults, have tasted breast milk and described its taste as "sweet" almost like "ice cream" though the flavor changes frequently depending on what the mother eats. Ok, that's not so bad, right? Maybe if you had a little sip of some sweet milk, you wouldn't feel too weirded-out, because babies eat it every day right?

What about Cheese made from human breast milk?

A chef in New York decided to make some cheese from his wife's breast milk:

The reactions have been interesting...


And the Today Show:

Do you see how NO ONE wanted to try the breast milk cheese? And they all freaked out when one guy actually did?  "Gross!" "Gag!" "Ew!"

Milk comes from human breasts to feed babies. Milk also comes from the breasts, or teats, of cows, goats, and many many other mammals. Humans drink cow milk and eat goat cheese, but if you mention consuming human breast milk by any human other than a baby, the reaction is usually shock and disgust.

But Why? Is it because of the society we live in? Because we are so breast-phobic? Because it is from humans and it is cannibalistic (as mentioned in the video)?

"try this…take a cup of cows milk and tell someone as you sip on it, “This is left over breastmilk I had frozen and didn’t want to see wasted.” As they turn green and gag and threaten to report you to SOMEONE who can come and lock you up to protect society from you – smile and say, “I’m just kidding….it’s just milk squeezed from a cows udder.”
Phew….they will be relieved to hear that!" (Vita Mutari)

If you're intrigued and would like to try some breast milk cheese yourself, the Chef includes his recipe for Mommy's Milk Cheese on his blog.


  1. yeahhhh, for some reason it still grosses me out. I wouldn't drink cow's milk or cheese /straight/ from the udder, either, really. And that may be part of it.. I feel like I'd be ingesting another woman's bodily fluids. Doesn't that just sound gross? at least milk from the store is pasteurized, etc.

    for me, an analogy would be eating meat I bought in the store vs. eating meat someone I know personally killed and prepared. I would be grossed out by the latter but not so much by the former, just because the source is somewhat separated..

  2. see, I agree with Renata up until her meat analogy. I think the idea of eating meat that is freshly killed and prepared is both more noble in the "I know where my meat came from" type sense, as well as healthier because it is not stock full of preservatives and hromones and antibotics, etc.



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