Sunday, March 21, 2010


Since I was out of town last week on vacation I was not on my computer, I have had to catch up on a lot of blogs and birth-related news. Here is a Roundup of some interesting topics:

Women who Pump instead of Nurse
"I'm a huge fan of breast milk, just not of nursing"

Time article describes the pros for moms who exclusively pumping and feeding baby breast milk for moms. There are also cons to this method, such as missing out on some of the pros to actually breastfeeding. It is an intriguing "compromise" for women who find breastfeeding difficult or undesirable.

Jewish Midwifery
hameyaldot ha'ivriyot

I found a blog by a Jewish midwife who writes about Jewish custom/law and pregnancy/birth. For instance, she writes of the Jewish tradition of regarding childbirth as a dangerous passage; a life-threatening state in which other laws may be disregarded (such as breaking sabbath, fasting, and so forth).

I find it particularly fascinating because 1. I studied Jews from an Anthropological perspective for my undergraduate honors thesis so its still of interest to me and 2. I'm Jewish myself and I find it interesting to learn new things as both an "insider" and an "outsider."

Breastfeeding in Public
The more something is seen, the more accepted it becomes. 

Photos of nursing in public worldwide:

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