Monday, December 14, 2009

Doula Business

Things I need/want for my Doula business!

1. A business name! any ideas?
2. A website
3. Business cards
4. A birth ball
5. Yoga pants
6. A Doula bag
    i. rice sock or heat pad
    ii. tennis ball
    iii. massage oil
    iv. relaxing music cds
    v. rebozo
    vi. small hand-held mirror

Other things that could go in a doula bag:
- cold sources
- heat sources
- bath pillow
- more massage tools
- misting spray bottle
- a music player
- camera
- floor knee pad
- aromatherapy oils, ie peppermint, lavender, etc
- chapstick
- fan
- change purse
- extra socks
- extra hair ties
- small clipboard with pad of paper & pen
- a labor progress handbook


  1. This is what's in my bag:

    -DONA training handbook
    -hand held massage dealie
    -olive oil
    -baby powder (sometimes nicer for massage as it's not slimy/smells well for light touch so your hands don't stick, also good for putting in your hair when you neglect to shower before going to a birth and realize you're all gross and greasy)
    -two rice socks
    -two tennis balls
    -spray bottle
    -lifesavers and peppermints (for the laboring mom)
    -travel size toiletries for me
    -hair clips and ties (for moms with fly away hair that annoys them)

    and I think that's it.

    The things I use most are: olive oil, baby powder, a folder as a fan, lifesavers/peppermints, the notebook for note keeping and the training handbook.

  2. This is unrelated, but I just read up on signs of labor, and I found a medical reason why doctors may want to induce a pregnancy earlier than the mother expects. Once the water breaks (ie, once the amniotic sac ruptures), the baby no longer has the protection against germs that the sac provided, so the longer it takes for labor, contractions, and delivery to occur after that, the more likely it is that the baby will get an infection. And that is no good!

  3. Thanks Madame Awesomepants! Your help sure is awesome...pants! har har har ;)

    Do you use the olive oil instead of massage oil?

    To Ren: yup thats a good reason to induce labor, although in many cases when the amniotic sac ruptures early many mothers do try to labor on their own before getting a chemical induction at the hospital, as sometimes they can just progress on their own after that. frequently, the doctors freak out and say you need to go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY and get on the pitocin, but I've heard several stories where the women did not (because they didnt want to) and were fine. Of course it depends on the mother personally - if you're really worried go ahead and trust your doctor and get induced so as to protect your baby from potential harm... if you're not so worried do what feels right to you!

  4. Yup. I use the olive oil instead because I usually have it in the house if I need to refill and it's good for the skin :)


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