Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween, Pregnancy and Birth Style

I LOVE Halloween! It is my very favorite holiday. I love all of the creativity that goes into becoming someone else, and that we all love to see and be seen. I love that people decorate and go all out to create haunted houses. I am not even all that into the candy, but I think a holiday that is big about giving out free stuff is pretty cool.  And there are so many fantastic birth-related halloween fun things to do and make when you're pregnant!

Do you have your costume yet? There are a wide variety of costume possibilities that work best when you are pregnant.

I'm a big fan of the creepy ones...

But you can just go funny, especially with couples costumes. Here are just a few:

Or just super cute on the days leading up to Halloween!

I really hope that I have a baby bump during Halloween sometime in the future!

I also love carving pumpkins this time of year, and working on my creativity. Here are some beautiful pregnancy ones:

Here are a few (of many) birth-related pumpkins that have brought many a happy tear to my eye:

home birth


water birth


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