Thursday, August 22, 2013

Long Time No See!

You may have noticed by prolonged absence from the blog.  I thought when I graduated I'd have tons of time to research and write posts! Unfortunately, I barely have time to read my news feed and share articles, though I have been keeping up with sharing links of interest.

It seems that blogging was perhaps my procrastination tool - now that I don't have any school work to procrastinate, I am spending my free time doing other life activities. For instance, reading for pleasure (!) by the pool, which is one of my favorite activities. I've also been working full time, which is very exciting. Thank goodness for post-graduation employment in my field! Working on the professional-side of maternal and child health has been very interesting, so far. Not that I don't have any homework - that comes in the form of wedding planning! All potential blogging time has been eaten away by planning my wedding, which is 6 months away. And it is great to be able to tell friends who wish to make plans "yes!" I am available!

Of course, I am still doula-ing! I am now part of a doula collective, and we've taken on a lot of clients over recent months. We are still working on becoming an official LLC, and I would love if anyone has any insight on doula collective operating agreements! This summer I have experienced some Firsts:
1. My first birth before 38 weeks - A late preterm birth, where baby initiated labor knowing that mom had severe preeclampsia and she needed to be born! Baby was tiny but did not have to go to the NICU. This was also my first vacuum-assisted birth (kiwi).
2. My first prolonged (6+ hour) pushing stage, and baby did have to go to the NICU - my first NICU doula baby. He is doing super well now!
3. My first scheduled C-section. Mom had a medical condition that necessitated delivery and she did not want to be induced. Unfortunately, mom had to be under general anesthesia, and I was not allowed in the delivery room.
I also had a birth that was completely uneventful, in all the right ways - everything went exceedingly smooth! But that is not a first :)

I have several blog ideas in draft form, and also some product reviews/giveaways. I really should have done them back in May, but I was running around like crazy transitioning from grad school to life. I hope that my loyal readers will still follow along, both here and on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, there's plenty to go back and read in my past posts archive, if you're interested - back when I started this blog almost 4 years ago I was posting every single day!  And I go back myself to refer to topics I've written about (just yesterday I referenced the information from my post on Race and Infant Mortality)

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