Sunday, August 14, 2011

Officially Certified!

Dear Readers,

It has been almost 2 years since I decided to look into becoming a birth doula, registered for a training workshop, and started my doula journey. And now, after the completion of 9 births, I am finally a DONA Certified Doula!

Despite the great debate over whether it is necessary or worthwhile to certify and disagreements about the merits of various certifying organizations, I am glad to be a certified birth doula. I am glad to have made it this far, coming from zero background in healthcare or motherhood. My interest in culture and women's rights combined with a desire to learn and improve the health and lives of women has brought me to my passion and I am grateful for all the training I have received along the way. And there is much more to learn!

I feel like myself and this blog have reached a great milestone, and I thank you for following along on my journey :) Whether you are a doula, doula-curious, a mother, a scholar, or everything wrapped into one, I hope reading my blog has been worthwhile, and that we can continue on together as I continue my lifelong learning.

Emily, Anthro Doula


  1. Yay! How wonderful for you and all the mamas you have helped and will continue to help! I have really enjoyed tagging along on your journey. Thanks for your blog! It helps me out in my own little journey towards certification.

  2. That's very exciting, congrats! I discovered your blog when I began my own training/certification journey, and it's fun to become certified right along with you :o) I should hear confirmation back tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing more about your doula stories and great information/resources!

  3. Congratulations!!!! That's so wonderful :)

  4. Congrats Emily! I'm so excited for you!

  5. Congrats! That's awesome! :)


  6. Congrats!! I am almost there, myself!


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