Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Favorite Blogs: Birth Sense

While I'm on the topic, another blog I absolutely adore is Birth Sense!

Her blog is the blog that says everything I wish I could say, but 10x better than I could ever say it. It is written by an anonymous hospital midwife, who shares not only researched articles but also her observations of the hospital birth world. Her posts are fabulous discussion-starters and are very thought-provoking. She also responds to other articles, comments, or reader questions and birth stories. It is a must-read!

Some recent excellent posts on Birth Sense:

Patient Apathy or Provider Apathy?
Does it scare you that an entire generation of young obstetricians view c-section as safer than vaginal delivery? That they view epidural use as part of a normal, routine labor? That the only unmedicated, physiologic labors they may have ever seen were accidental ones, where the woman delivered too quickly for intervention?
I propose that the widespread acceptance of these attitudes is trickling down to women. Obstetricians don’t often talk about choices in childbirth, because as far as they have ever seen, childbirth is not a choice; it is a set of routines and procedures that everyone follows...
Does your provider voluntarily bring up choices with you? For example, do you hear, “It’s time for your ______ test. . .” or do you hear, “I’d like to discuss with you a test we offer to women at this stage of pregnancy. It is called _______, and the reason we offer this test is because (present evidence in favor of the test). Some women prefer not to have this test done. Some of the concerns I am aware of about this test are (present evidence against the routine use of the test, if any). Some alternatives to having this test done now would be (present alternatives, even if you don’t agree with them). What questions do you have for me, and how do you feel about having this test done?”

The #1 Reason To Choose A Midwife
Many of the incidents in the case studies related in the cited report involved situations which very likely would have been avoided had the health care provider been present with the woman throughout labor.  Midwifery care  ideally provides this continuity of care throughout labor....
Continuous labor support, continuous care by the decision-maker, is the number one reason to choose a midwife for your next birth.

and a follow-up post with some chilling stories: Do the “decision makers” listen?
Having been a labor nurse myself for 15 years before becoming a nurse midwife, I am well aware of the challenges facing nurses, especially when they care for a patient who is experiencing complications and cannot get the care provider to respond appropriately to their concerns. ..
Decision makers do not always listen.  Nurses may communicate most excellently, and still be unable to secure good care for their patients.

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