Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Circumcision and Nursing School

The Navelgazing Midwife responds to an inquiry encouraging open-mindedness. I particularly wanted to share this quote:
"I used to be quite the breastfeeding nazi, really believing ALL women could breastfeed and the ones that said they couldn't really weren't trying hard enough. When I had a client tell me she wasn't going to nurse about 20 times and I kept telling her how great it was and how if she just tried, she'd find out how much she'd like it. She finally leaned over and got in my face, telling me she'd been molested and the primary part of her body molested was her breasts and she was going to bottle feed. It was then I realized, not only is breastfeeding a woman's choice, but that sometimes, the most empowering thing a woman can do for herself is to schedule a cesarean/bottle feed/have general anesthesia/etc. Things I wouldn't remotely consider can be the most empowering to a mom."

Elevating The Natural Vs. Epidural Conversation: An Interview With Erica Lyon

Excellent interview with a childbirth educator with some really interesting answers to questions like, "What are some of the biggest misconceptions among your students about what will happen in childbirth?":
"That it will be short, that tearing is the worst thing ever, that husbands/partners will be grossed out or turned off or useless, that the epidural makes it totally a pain free experience, that providers who are dismissive and brief are the standard (and that they won’t be like that in labor), that this is the worst pain one will ever feel, that she will be in control during the labor."

Get a peek into the high-rollin' life of a WIC peer counselor

on Public Health Doula's Blog. I really liked the post that she sets up and links to on the Leaky Boob - take a look at what the life of a WIC breastfeeding peer counselor is like! 

A Look at the Research: The Link Between Epidural Analgesia and Breastfeeding

This post on Science and Sensibility blog takes a look at the research to help us figure out if there is a link between epidurals and breastfeeding and what it might be. I find it interesting because it takes other factors into account as well.

No Ingles? C-Section for You!

Sad, but true: Many Spanish speakers are not receiving appropriate maternity care. "Surely in the United States of America they are getting the best health care in the world, right?  Frankly, I believe they are taken advantage of by a system -- doctors, nurses, hospitals -- that don't want to deal with them.  They know that these women and families are often scared, and frankly, trust the doctors to take care of them to do what is best for them.  I think they are being scammed."

5 Reasons Not to Take Hospital Childbirth Classes (Or How to Find the Best Hospital Childbirth Class)

Many couples take their hospitals childbirth education course because it is short and convenient. There are a lot of downsides to taking a class through your hospital, though, and I frequently recommend that couples take one outside of their hospital. Here are some reasons why. 

Yale Researchers Pinpoint Reasons for Dramatic Rise in C-Sections

"In one of the first studies to examine the reasons for the rising number of women delivering their babies by cesarean section, Yale School of Medicine researchers found that while half of the increase was attributable to a rise in repeat cesarean delivery in women with a prior cesarean birth, an equal proportion was due to a rise in first time cesarean delivery."

How safe is your medication for breastfeeding? New LactMed app!

An app for your phone that tells you if a medication is safe with breastfeeding! This is really great, as many doctors just don't know if a medication should not be taken while breastfeeding, and therefore tell women to stop breastfeeding (when they might not have to!)

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