Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just Doula!

Fabulous TEDtalks video by a Singaporean doula about her birth experience and about being a doula.

"I wanted someone to believe in me... to tell me, Ginny, you can do this!"

"Empowering mothers, not telling them what to do but believing in them and showing them the way."

"If I see a stranger and I say, 'hey, you are going to have an easy, short, relaxing, comfortable birth' what would be the immediate response? 'you're crazy!' Why? Because we believe that childbirth is painful! But from my experiences as a doula I see women giving birth in such a pleasurable way!"

"All the hormones we use for making love are the exact same hormones we use for giving birth"

She has some great advice on some things that can help a woman have an easy, short, relaxing, comfortable birth:
1. Eliminate Fear - Get all the skeletons out of the closet. Educate yourself about what Childbirth is going to be Like.
2. Find Coping Techniques - Condition relaxation to the point that its of second nature to you, so you don't fight contractions with tension.
3. Prepare a Birth Plan - If things don't go as planned, what is Plan B, C, and D.
4. Get Support - Find a doctor and a hospital that will support you in the birth that you want. Doulas can help you embrace the good birth experience.
The video she mentions at the end of her talk can be found here.

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