Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy International Doula Month 2011!

 May is International Doula Month!

 How will you celebrate the doulas in your lives? Here are some ideas:

Call up your doula just to say hello and catch up
Tell as many moms as you can about doulas
Say "thanks" to your doula with a doula t-shirt or piece of jewelry
Search for local events related to birth, like these

Doulas, Celebrate! Here are some ideas:

DONA's Capturing the Doula Spirit: A Contest in Celebration of International Doula Month:
A picture is worth a thousand words, or so it is said. What can a photo say about the work of a doula?
In celebration of International Doula Month, DONA International will honor its members, their doula spirit and the contribution they provide to maternity care by accepting photo action shots that tell their story as a birth or postpartum doula. Photos must be submitted during the month of May, which is International Doula Month.
For more information, click here

Put a display up at the local library
Host a "Doula Informational Evening"
Host a "Belly Casting" or "Henna" Workshop
Offer doula services for half price
Write an article for a local newspaper about doulas

What are some other ways to celebrate doulas this month?

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