Friday, December 31, 2010

My Popular Posts of 2010

Another New Year! Thank you for following my blog in 2010. Here is a list of some of the most popular posts on this blog over the past year.

7 Reasons You Can't Have an Epidural
Planning on having epidural anesthesia?  Just because you want one doesn't mean you'll get it! 
Here are seven reasons why you may not be able to have one. 

Where is the Evidence-Based Medicine?  
Complete with references, here are 10 Common Obstetric Procedures Not Supported By Science, including: 

  • inductions/elective c-sections for suspected macrosomia (big baby)
  • pitocin/amniotomy to speed labor
  • continuous electronic fetal monitoring
  • requirement of “immediate” emergency services for women attempting a VBAC
  • routine episiotomy 
  • routine ultrasounds to determine fetal size
  • immediate cord clamping
  • directed and supine pushing

My Review of the BABIES Movie 
A cross-cultural look at moms and babies? yes!

Coca Cola and Pregnancy 
I love my coca cola! Is it safe to have caffeine during pregnancy?

Pregnancy Beliefs Around the World
Superstition-type beliefs regarding pregnancy in India, China, Latin America, Spain, Germany, Australia, Sweden, England and Canada

How to Avoid a C-Section 
The Cesarean section is something that many women list as one of their number one fears of birth. Many women dread the possibility of a c-section and want to avoid them at all costs. Of course we all acknowledge that in a true obstetrical emergency the c-section can be a lifesaver, but most women would rather not be part of the growing number of iatrogenic, arguably unnecessary, cesarean sections. Here is some advice on how to avoid a C-section.

Did You Know Doula Services Are Covered By Insurance? 
Would you love to hire a Doula but you honestly can't afford one? Fear not! Your Health Insurance may cover it!

Breastfeeding Art Worldwide 
Beautiful breastfeeding artwork from around the world.



Do you have a favorite post of mine that isn't mentioned here? Let me know!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you all in 2011! 

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