Monday, November 29, 2010

Gift Ideas for the Birth Junkie

Hey, Birth Junkies and their lovers! I've got some ideas for birth-related Holiday gifts!

Perhaps your friends and relatives have been asking you what you'd like for the holidays, and you are at a loss at what to tell them. What is one simple, single, inexpensive, easy to find item that you could ask for from each of the people who ask?

Or maybe your friends are all birth junkies and you don't know gifts to get them!
Or perhaps you or someone you know is pregnant, and you want to get them something really helpful.

How about the thing that every birth junkie loves? An addition to their birth/breastfeeding/women's health book collection!

On the right sidebar of this blog I have my own Book Wish List, which includes:
And at the very bottom of this page, I list the books I've read and Recommend:

Other Ideas, especially if your friend is a Doula:
- Money towards additional doula training, such as postpartum doula or lactation counselor workshops
- Anything from, like a birth ball and cover or a doula t-shirt
- DVDs: The Business of Being Born or Orgasmic Birth are great ones! ADDED: Laboring Under An Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth vs. The Real Thing

Or if your wife or friend is pregnant, consider gifting Doula Services, for labor and/or postpartum. 

Happy Shopping!


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