Saturday, July 17, 2010

What you can do right Now to have the Birth you Want

Pregnant? There's so much to think about and so much information to process. You've got your Midwife/OB's advice, the advice from your pregnancy/birth books, and all the info there is here on the internet. Information overload might actually make you shut down and take none of the advice! So what quick bit of advice is the most important to follow, and what should you be thinking about doing or looking into now? Here's a helpful guide from a childbirth educator and doula.

Top Ten List, by Sasha at

What You Can Do Right Now to Have the Birth you Want

1. Practice relaxation daily. 20-30 minutes, preferably with your birth partner.

2. Eat well. 100 grams of protein, whole foods, whole grains, lots of fruit and veggies, good fats, and plenty of water. Eat protein with every meal and snack (3 meals, 2-3 snacks).

3. Talk to your partner about your fears, needs and desires for your birth. Let him/her know what he/she can do to help you.

4. Talk to your provider about your birth choices. Make sure she/he knows your wishes. Check out Childbirth Connections online, Choosing a Caregiver.

5. Care for your sleep and rest. Nap when you can. Go to sleep and wake at the same time each day and limit “screen time” for 1 hour before sleep.

6. Walk daily. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are good for your spirit. Walking helps strengthen your birthing muscles.

7. Insulate yourself from negative influences. Be selective about TV, movies, books, online sources, especially about birth. Limit your contact with people who are not supportive about your birth choices. Create positive affirmations about your pregnancy, labor and birth.

8. Think about hiring a doula. She can help comfort you physically and emotionally, provide you with information and support your birth decisions, while working along side your birth partner to help you have the best birth possible for you and your baby.

9. Find a counselor - if you have anxiety or depression, are a survivor of abuse or simply need someone to talk to about your life and choices.

10. Utilize positions to help your baby find the best position for labor and birth. Check out for great information about an easier labor.

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  1. Hello back from SITS,
    interesting article, I'm not pregnant but the idea's coming.
    What do you think of pool exercises ? it's one of practices I consider real good for everybody.


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