Thursday, July 15, 2010

More My OB Said WHAT?! Gems

A selection of the more ridiculous and shocking things that real people have said, as posted on My OB Said WHAT?!

“Warm water will burn the baby.” -L&D Nurse to laboring mother after her doula suggested a bath to cope with labor pain.

“Do you want anti-depressants?” -OB to mother who was emotional about wanting to VBAC after two cesareans, at her 25 week prenatal appointment.

“So, you were a total failure then?” -Primary care physician to mother who had a home birth transfer and cesarean at her first appointment after birthing.

“You really surprised me here! Six hours into your labor, I was in the OR sharpening my knives–but you actually pulled it off.”-OB to a VBAC mother.

“You just sound pregnant to me.” – OB to a mother who was sharing how poorly she had been feeling at 37 weeks.  She was later diagnosed with HELLP and severe pre-eclampsia.

“I like to get you in here at 37 weeks and induce you, so I can be in control of your labor.” -OB

“You’d better not have a baby more than about 6 pounds. You certainly won’t be able to fit much out of there!” -OB during pelvic exam at the first prenatal appointment of a mother pregnant for the first time.

And some nice ones from Thoughtful Thursdays:

“I like when people are willing to wait after their due date.  It is just an estimate, after all.  You bake them longer.” -OB to mother who birthed her baby a week past her due date.

“Stop holding your breath, honey, your baby needs you to breathe, your body will do this on it’s own, just breathe your baby down.” -OB to a mother who had always been told to do “purple pushing” during her prior births.

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  1. I'm always amazed at some of the things people say. So many times it seems they simply make something up to fit their own agenda. They do make for some funny reads though!

  2. Was looking through my house, and my mom and I found my brother's and my oooold old medical records from Russia. What they did there was, each family had like a little booklet for each child, and the doctors, as they made their housecalls, etc (because you would never go to a doctor's office), would write their notes into that booklet. Apparently doctor's handwriting is universally atrocious because we couldn't make out much, but I did find out a few things about my birth! And I was born at 42 weeks. And I've told you before, I believe, but my mom pushed me out within like 3 hours of feeling contractions. Soo, I will definitely trust my body when it comes down to it!

  3. SWEET, Ren! :) That's awesome!


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