Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Movie: Changes in Birth Practices

Another great video from Mother's Advocate! Part Four of...
The Timeless Way: A History of Birth from Ancient to Modern Times

Changes in Birth Practices
Video clips and images on how the lithotomy position (laying on your back) came about, when men got involved in birth, birth preparations in the 1930's, midwives in low-income populations in the south, midwives delivering fewer and fewer babies in the U.S. as birth moved to hospitals.

Part One: Ancient Times and Part Two: European 1500's and Part Three: Birth in the 1800's


  1. I am so ashamed to be apart of American Society. Watching that baby be pulled from its mother while the mother was knocked out was stomach churning. My grandmother wanted to watch my birth because she never got to experience her own 2. I feel bad for not letting her now :[

  2. AW, sad :(

    I know it really made me uncomfortable to watch...


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