Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Various Things

Some random things that I've got to share:

1. I've added labels to my posts, so if you'd like to explore one topic in particular you can find it by scrolling down on the right side and finding all the posts with that label. For instance "doula journey" would take you to all my posts where I specifically talk about my experiences as a new doula.

2. I'm really very jealous of bloggers who have nice banners and matching blog buttons. I know I am not skilled enough to design one on my own, and I wish someone would make one for me... but for free. My blog does not get enough traffic to warrant spending $$ on that.  Anyone want to help me out? I will pay you in love... :]

3. iPhone/iPod Touch Users! Here are two Birth-related Apps that I recommend to make Labor easier:

I downloaded "Labor and Contraction Timer" because of the many contraction timing apps, this one is free! And it functions exactly as it is supposed to. You click "Start Contraction" and it times it until you click "Stop Contraction." It keeps track of how long your contractions are, how frequent they are coming, and what your hourly average is. Clean and simple! Haven't yet used it at a birth.

I also recently discovered the iBirth application, which costs $4.99. There are other similar apps but none quite like this one. It is a "Childbirth Class in a Nutshell" that discusses prenatal nutrition, preparing for birth, and labor coping techniques for all types of birth. It includes videos and tips for use during pregnancy and during labor. I think it would be useful for labor partners like dads to watch, who maybe haven't read all the prep books as thoroughly as mom has, and want a quick reference :)

4. To quote and borrow from Stand and Deliver... Here are two "totally freakin' amazing birth stories" that are just begging to be shared!

  • Baby Ada's Birth Story at Life in Slow Motion: It is possible to be in labor and not be in pain. She had some tightness that wasn't painful, didn't believe she was in labor at all. Midwife came and told her she was definitely in labor and already 7cm dilated. She still was not in pain so didn't believe she was actually in labor! Water broke and finally the painful contractions came... Baby born 35 min later. 
  • Birth and the Big Baby: An Unnecesarean Avoided at Birthing Beautiful Ideas: It is possible to vaginally birth a large baby and not tear. "11 lbs. 10 oz.  24 inches.  With an intact perineum. Need I say more?" 

5. Babies Around the World Weekly Fact: In Chile, choosing godparents is a decision that can take months of deliberation. Traditionally, a baby is assigned two godparents - a male and a female - that are expected to be fully present throughout the child's life.

6. DOULA! The Ultimate Birth Companion - filmed in the UK, it will be released there first. Check out the preview!

a NEW 65 minute documentary film that follows three BIRTH DOULAS as they support three couples before, during and after their births.
The Doula! DVD features actual footage of doula supported births.
We also see POSTNATAL DOULAS providing practical and emotional support  to new mums after their babies are born.


  1. Great idea about the iPhone apps, I will definitely be downloading those!

    As far as the banner/blog button - I'd love to help you out, but I'm behind myself, due to this school semester coming to an end. You should definitely send me what you're looking for, and I can play around when I have some time! My banner on my blog is my two minute attempt to make it semi-personal, I'm still working on my logo and buttons, etc.!


  2. Aw thanks for the offer! I haven't quite figured out what I want my personal "look" to be... Something kind of like the borrowed backdrop I have, or the photo I use for my "profile." I'm not super-creative... Good luck with yours!!


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