Sunday, April 11, 2010

Babies Around the World Facts

The movie Babies, which I've definitely mentioned on here before, is coming out on May 7th and everyone is getting very excited for it. I am particularly thrilled because it follows 4 adorable babies in 4 totally different cultures, which is so right up my alley/my cup of tea its giggle-inducing. The babies, Ponijao, Mari, Bayar and Hattie, live in San Francisco, Mongolia, Namibia and Tokyo and they just do really adorable things the whole time, like eating and with animals and sleeping.

I have been having the best time following Babies on facebook, because they post really cute and funny things, such as the videos above, and the fabulous mutli-cultural and baby-related facts below! 

According to Pakistani traditions, a baby must be named by its seventh day of life. On that same day their head is shaved and their nails trimmed.

In Judaism, naming a newborn carries a very special significance; the infant should be named after someone was was righteous in hopes that the child will emulate that person.

In Russia, the relationship between a father and his infant is deeply cherished. Instead of a middle name, the end of a baby's name is a derivative of its father's name.

In Algeria, mothers who are breastfeeding often eat very rich foods such as fried omelettes in order to make their breast milk rich and more nourishing for their baby.

Is it a boy or a girl? In Australia, one wives tale states that if a pregnant woman carries most of her weight in the front, it's a girl and if she gains more weight in her backside it's a boy.

In Navajo culture, newborns are believed to be of two worlds when they are born. A child's first giggle signals that the baby is ready to join his/her earth family. The baby then takes on personality characteristics of whoever is present for this first giggle.

Now that’s postnatal care! In India, new mothers traditionally rest for 45 days after giving birth. New mothers aren't even allowed to step into the kitchen, for it is believed that the gas from the oven will dry up breast milk. 

They post a new Babies Around the World Fact every week, so I will post it here when a new one comes up!

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