Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reasons not to Breastfeed?

You're ill? Baby is ill? You need to have an X-ray? You're having trouble and so your breasts are probably just too small/too big?

Many health professionals are not trained in breastfeeding at all, and will tell you that you need to wean the baby and switch to formula if any problems or situations come up. Or your friends and/or family will tell you its not worth the trouble and formula is easier and just as good. WRONG. I can't say enough how amazingly awesome breastmilk and the act of breastfeeding are. Its like miracle juice!

You should always try to get help from a lactation consultant if you having questions or concerns about breastfeeding your baby.

The only reasons a mother may have to stop or delay breastfeeding are:

  1. Maternal HIV infection (in some situations),
  2. Infectious tuberculosis in the developed world,
  3. Maternal use of illegal drugs. 

Mothers who are told they must stop breastfeeding because of a certain drug should ask to be prescribed an alternative medication which is acceptable for breastfeeding mothers.
You can breastfeed while you receive small amounts of anesthesia, pain medication, and even alcohol.
You should continue breastfeeding if you have an infection or if you receive immunizations.

You can breastfeed if you have problems with your breasts or nipples, if you have a mammogram, if you become pregnant again.
You should continue breastfeeding if baby becomes ill, as breastfeeding will help.

Dr. Jack Newman is an awesome resource for Breastfeeding help and info!


  1. YOu also shouldn't "guilt" women into breastfeeding either. It is not a easy or wonderful as some folks make it out to me. And some of us just don't make much milk, period.

  2. Of course, we should never guilt a woman into breastfeeding. But we should definitely encourage it and let the mother know that breastfeeding makes a difference - there is a lot of evidence that it does. Professionals should do everything they can to make it easy (which it can be) and tips on getting milk production up (which there are).

    Too often doctors simply tell moms to switch to formula because they don't want to make moms feel guilty by asking about breastfeeding. They will, however, make a mom feel guilty for smoking while pregnant, drinking while pregnant, etc.


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