Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Find a Cheap Doula

Part of DONA International's position is that "A Doula for Every Woman Who Wants One."

Doulas are (or should be) an indispensable part of a woman's birthing experience - making sure that you feel like you are in control of your birth, being supported in your time of need, and that you get have a satisfying birth experience! Whether that is an un-medicated  birth, a c-section, a water birth, an induced birth with an epidural, a home birth, whatever!

Many people's response to hearing about doulas, however, is that they must only be for people with money - those with the luxury of being able to hire an extra helper.  I want to point out that there are a lot of excellent highly trained doulas who will do pro bono work for a woman who truly cannot afford a doula but really wants one.

Also, Doulas in Training! Like myself! Doulas working towards certification are guaranteed to offer low fee or free doula services while they try to attend the births required for certification.

But how to find a doula in training?  Well, you can try googling it and see what comes up, but you can also just ask another Doula.  Doula's do not mind if you ask them if they know any inexpensive doulas in training, because they will understand if you do not wish to pay as much as they are asking and they also understand what it is like to be a doula looking for certification births! So they will be willing to help both sides out. And they definitely know some in training... I've been contacting tons of people to let them know I am looking for births, and I am on some area listservs where doula's put out announcements of women looking for doulas that they themselves aren't helping.  Moreover, you can ask your physician or midwife and they will most likely know of doulas in the area who can help you out with low cost doulas.

However, if you are looking for a cheap doula in Maryland, you should just HIRE ME! :)

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