Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Belly Henna and Blessing Ways

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I think Pregnant Belly Henna is so beautiful. I think photographs of your pregnant belly covered in beautiful artwork is a perfect way to keep a memory of your pregnant body.

I like it even better than Belly Casting (what am I going to do with a giant cast of my belly? hang it on the wall forever?) even though I know some people really love belly casting.

Here is what belly casting is: 

One of the best things about Belly Henna is that it is often combined with a pampering party called a Blessing Way.  A Blessing Way celebrates motherhood and is a fun and spiritual women's celebration centered on the pregnant mom-to-be. It can include things like:
painting the mom's belly;
lighting candles and sharing prayers, poems and blessings of well-being;
washing mom's feet and
brushing her hair.
The Blessing Way celebrates this important moment of life passage for a woman!

There are a ton of belly henna photos on flickr.  See some really beautiful and detailed henna bellies here: RemarkableBlackbird

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