Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I eat, breathe and dream pregnancy

I got my doula business website up and running! And I ordered business cards! I'm so excited!!!

I'm not going to post the site here, though, because I'd like to keep this blog somewhat anonymous. I'd be worried if the two sites were connected, and then I couldn't discuss my clients situations and any of my concerns on here. I really appreciate having a blog to write on about being a doula and I don't want to breach confidentiality or scare clients away simply by having an informal blog :/

Anyway! This evening I got a phone call from a woman who is looking for a doula really late in the game. She is already 37 weeks and is just now phone interviewing doulas! I'm really hoping that she'll hire me because she seems really nice, but who knows. She has to find the right person for her.

She emailed me last night to tell me she would call me today and this made me so nervous that I was anxious all night long and I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about what I'd say and how if she hired me I'd have to quick get all my forms ready and buy my doula bag stuff etc etc! When I did sleep some I had a dream that I was pregnant and very unhappy about it. My boyfriend was unhappy, my parents were disappointed, even my grandparents were in it! And I remember that I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was REALLY pregnant and I was so upset. And I was walking around in a hospital (this part was really detailed. I am frequently in hallways in my dreams) and worrying about if I had made my baby deformed because I had been still taking my birth control all that time! Such a stressful night.

What?! That's not just a food baby?!

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