Saturday, January 16, 2010

Great Online Doula Forum

I don't think I've mentioned yet on here the great and awesome I was really lucky to find such a great doula forum, and I highly recommend it for any aspiring or current doulas.  It is has been such a great place to have questions answered as an aspiring doula and to see what other doulas wonder about! It even has a great page for free downloads (sample doula business forms or website templates) and also a page with all New Doula FAQ's with things I didn't even have to ask! I know there may be other doula forums out there, which I'd love to hear about if anyone has a recommendation, but I definitely like a LOT.

In other news, I've e-mailed a few moms looking for low-cost doula services but haven't gotten any great responses. It seems even if they don't mind a training doula, no one wants to be my very first birth. sigh. Besides that, I'm meeting with Shamilia tomorrow, and will write about how that goes. When we spoke on the phone to set up the meeting she was a lot more clear and excited sounding than the first time so I feel better about that. She had gotten her first sonogram and was clearly thrilled about that and totally up for meeting with me.

Also, I'm working on getting a website up but am having trouble deciding on a name and a domain name (that isn't already taken). Seems there are a lot of doulas in the world all with the same-type name ideas!


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  2. I just registered to the site's forum.
    I am hoping to meet some doulas there and talk more about doula topics.
    I am also looking forward to meet moms there.

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