Monday, January 25, 2010


I can't get hired. Its not for lack of advertising my services, its lack of experience. Even if women say they want a doula in training for a low fee, they still don't want one who hasn't been to any births. Its like when you want to apply to be a waitress, and they say you need waitress experience first, and you think "well how do I get the waitress experience to be a waitress if I can't get a job as a waitress?!"

I've contacted at least 5 moms by e-mail, even talked to one on the phone, not including the teen mom that I met with, and they like me until I tell them I haven't yet been to a birth. Then they either completely stop responding to emails or they tell me they've decided to go with a more experienced doula. sigh.

So I sent in an application for the Operation Special Delivery program which takes trained volunteer doulas to provide free doula services for military families and pregnant women whose partners are injured, deceased or deployed. I also called a local hospital that has a doula program, which I had been putting off doula because I had only heard bad things about this hospital (for moms and for doulas, they docs and staff are just not doula/birth alternative friendly aka medical model only). Turns out they don't take you until you've had 3 births anyway, so that's no help to me.

Feeling down about all this.

On a different note, check this out: Cover Me Chic: Designer Hospital Gowns

And this birth story, which she splits into a few parts: Baby Dickey Birth Story


  1. They call those chic? Agh, hideous.

    Don't worry, keep truckin', Emily! I'm sure the first birth will be the biggest hurdle, and you'll have to advertise more than you've ever or will ever advertise in your life, but once you pass that, you can stop saying you've never been to a birth! Maybe you should find a way to spin it to your favor, find the silver lining and sell that to the moms. Like, "I am a brand new doula and haven't been to a birth yet, but that means.." a) Free services! b) I don't have any bias toward any particular birth! c) I'll give you a few extra free house visits before and after! Be enthusiastic, and make it sound like the fact that it's your first birth isn't a downfall but a blessing! There's my 2 cents :)

  2. haha but not as hideous as the actual gown? :) worth it if you've got the money at least. what I think made it more worth it was what was mentioned in the testimonials... you can wear it even after the birth around the house for easy nursing, etc (though there are other products for this too)

    Thanks for the support and advice :) Yeah I'll have to do more of that with my next potential client. I just need to find the one who doesn't think its such a big deal that they're my first. They must be out there, right? *fingers crossed*

  3. Take heart! As I started reading the post I immediately was planning to suggest a volunteer program to start getting them under your belt - and see? You've already done that! Right on! I'll bet you get a lot out of it. Best of luck!


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