Monday, January 4, 2010

The Breastfeeding "Gang Sign"

I love how everywhere I go the doula thing comes up. "I'm training to be a doula" "whats a doula?" and then the birth discussion begins. I love it. Even if it follows the same pattern every time, its so cool to get my friends and female peers discussing the things I find so interesting and important for every woman to know!

The following came up while we were chatting just yesterday, and I thought I'd re-post the post that I was referring to.

From Public Health Doula:

It's always nice when I notice a mom nursing in public (challenge those norms!). But, being paranoid, I worry that if someone notices that I'm noticing that she's nursing, she'll interpret it as disapproval. So usually I go for a brief glance and a big smile. But this is a cute idea too: a sign to give props to moms who are out, about, and nursing. You can skip to around 3:10 to see the sign in action:

Since watching this video and mentioning it to Boyfriend, we've seen one woman breastfeeding in public. It was actually Boyfriend who said "hey! we should do the sign!" and began doing the above hand motion. We realized from putting this sign into real life action that we probably won't be using it again. The woman was actually much too far away to notice, which was good, because the hand motion kind of appears to be motioning for her to give us some milk or like we want to milk her with our hand. It could have been very awkward!

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