Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Discovery Health thinks would be "Cool" for you to Know

Top 10 Things No One Tells You About Labor & Delivery from Discovery Health

"Find out what your girlfriends don't tell you about childbirth!"

Tip #10 - You can plan all you want, but sometimes the baby is in charge.
Many women commit to a drug-free birth, water birth or personally-created birth plan. Childbirth involves two living creatures, and your baby might have other ideas. The position of your baby, progression of labor and other health factors could require fast action via c-section or other changes to your plan. Remind yourself that the end result - a healthy, happy baby - is the goal, and be open to the entire experience.

Very True!  This is a great tip!

Tip #9 - You might throw up.
Wait, isn't all that supposed to be behind you? Well, vomiting during labor is actually normal. Nausea can be caused by pain, anesthesia, or the food your stomach is not digesting during labor.

And maybe poo-ing!

Tip #8 - Your teeth may chatter.
It's caused not by cold, but by incompatible fetal blood crossing into your bloodstream.

Weeiiiiirrrd! I didn't know this one!

Tip #7 - You pass gas - sometimes loudly.
There's nothing to be done here - it's caused by pressure in the birth canal. You may even have uncontrolled bowel movements. Also, epidurals can "freeze" the sphincter. Don't worry, doctors, nurses and midwives have seen and heard it all before.

Ah, here's the poo.

Tip #6 - You might rip off your clothes.
Your body is experiencing incredible hormone surges. You might yell, swear, or even rip off that nightie that's suddenly unbearably hot, itchy and uncomfortable.

Especially during Transition, which is right before the Pushing stage, and is supposed to be really tough during which you don't want ANYONE TOUCHING YOU. 

Tip #5 - You may forget everything your learned in childbirth classes.
Suddenly, all those breathing exercises and birth planning classes just go out the window. And it's very likely you won't remember a lot of details from the labor and delivery process.

That's why its essential to have a DOULA!! 

Tip #4 - You may not fall in love with your baby right away.
You've just been through an incredibly painful experience and you might need a little time to recover. Don't worry if you're not overwhelmed with joy immediately. It will come over you soon enough.

Also very true and quite common, as far as I know. Not to worry! 

Tip #3 - Your partner might be freaked out.
It's hard to watch someone you love go through violent spasms and scream with pain. In many cases, a friend or family member who's been through it before may be your best bet in the delivery room.

Doula! Doula! Doula! :D

Tip #2 - You're not done yet.
Even after you've delivered your baby, and placed him/her on your breast to begin the latching-on process, you still need to deliver the placenta. You may also need stitches, especially if you've had an episiotomy. You'll also be passing blood clots in the first hours after birth - and these may be as big as tennis balls.

As big as tennis balls?!?! No one mentioned this in my doula training...

Tip #1 - Pain doesn't end when baby arrives.
Childbirth is major surgery, and your body needs time to recover.

Oh. My. God. Childbirth is major SURGERY?! NO. Very very very bad, Discovery Health! Yes, your body needs time to recover. But normal childbirth is NOT major surgery. Unbelievable. Its only surgical if you had an unnecesarean, or if you needed stitches, or if they have to go in and get your placenta, something like that. I can't believe DH is propagating this ridiculousness as 100% fact.


  1. They used poor wording, but I think by #1 they just mean that having a baby, and placenta, etc, etc, plus all the hormonal changes, tissue tears, and muscle spasms, is like having major surgery. Your insides are all spazzed out and out of place, so don't expect the baby coming out to be the end of pain. Moving around afterward probably hurts still, as IF you've had major pelvic surgery.

    Anyway, that's what they should have said... I'm guessing. haha.

  2. If you want to be a good Doula stop using the word "unnecesarean". Yes, there are way to many C-sections these days, but that doesn't mean they are all unnecessary. Its not your place to judge. I was lucky enough to have a Doula who had 2 children - 1 natural birth and 1 C-section - and was very sympathetic and prepared for either outcome.


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