Monday, November 9, 2009

Cold Calling

So, I'm not sure how other new doula's do it exactly, but today I began my cold calling of local doulas in my area in order to find someone who would take me on as an apprentice doula. I found a whole bunch of people and websites, and today I managed to call three. Only one woman picked up, and when I asked her if she would allow me to shadow her for my first few certification births, she basically said, "sure, why not?"

She was really really nice and full of information. She talked to me for about a half an hour! She said she'd see if her clients wouldn't mind me tagging along and get back to me. Its a bit complicated for two reasons: 1. its holiday time and I'll be out of town several times over the next two months and
2. Hospitals putting counter-pressure on Doulas/all visitors during Flu Season. Women giving birth in certain hospitals may have to choose between their spouse, doula, family members, other children, and so on.
In all Women’s Units (including Labor and Delivery, Family-Centered Care and Post-Partum) the following restrictions apply:
Visitors to women in OB units are limited to one person, who must be either a spouse or significant other (boyfriend/girlfriend). If the patient has neither a spouse nor a significant other, a designated “support person” may visit instead. The visiting hours spelled out above do not apply to this spouse/significant other/support person. In addition, all maternity and pre-surgical tours have been cancelled during flu season.
 Now, not all her cases are hospital births (some are home or birth clinic cases), and not all hospitals are following this policy, AND she said that she usually encourages her clients to labor as long as possible at home (frequently all the way up to 10 centimeters dilation) before going to the hospital. So, if the timing is right I may be able to attend some births before the end of the year!

And since I only called 3 people off a list of about 15, I could always find some more people to shadow and births to attend!
And my workshop begins one week from today! EXCITED!


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  2. Hooray!!! I'm so proud of you! This is so awesome and exciting!


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