Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A caveat to last night's post: I'm not saying that you should completely stay away from hospital births entirely. That was not a push for home birth with a midwife only scenarios allowed. Many obstetricians are very good, talented doctors who are thankfully there for when emergencies do arise, and C-sections are necessary. Many genuinely believe that their way is the best way, and it does get the job done... My concern is that each woman have exactly the kind of childbirth experience they desire and come out feeling strong, proud and content.
I think that hospital births are great if you're nervous about complications or if its necessary as a result of your or the baby's medical history. Honestly, I may end up wanting my first birth in a hospital myself, as it will be my first experience with my own childbirth and I won't know how I do in such a situation! But I'll definitely be having a doula :)

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