Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Doula Baby

Today is the 1 year birthday of one of my doula client's birthdays. This is clearly not my first doula baby birthday, but today I was feeling really happy about seeing pictures of a 1-year-old who has gotten so big that I saw born one year ago today!

I like e-mailing or calling my clients on their first birthdays. Not all of my clients have kept in touch, and I don't always hear back from them all, but I like to reach out. I put the date of their birth in my calendar and have it repeat one year later to remind me. And it makes me think about how time passes, how children grow so fast, and where I was exactly one year ago. It's also a reminder of the part I played in the lives of others, and how they have touched and shaped mine.

So, I am just taking this post to reflect on all of these things, and to say Happy Birthday to all my doula babies out there in the world!

Do you say happy birthday to your doula clients and their babies? How do you keep in touch?


  1. I made it a priority to let go of my clients once I had finished my last postpartum visit. Given that I do a lot of births and have children of my own, I knew that it wasn't realistic for me to keep in touch with my clients. However, I have met one or two who have become great friends, and a lot of my clients have found me on Facebook and added me. It doesn't bother me, but sometimes I do question the line between "business" and "personal" :) It's totally an individual doula's choice, and I think it's really special you remember their birthdays!!

  2. Yeah, I'm not a fan of friending them on facebook. I do try to make it clear that there is a line. So far no one has really tried to cross the line, but I have heard some stories! In some ways I do hope my clients will not cut me off, though, because I'd like to be at their next birth (if there is one!) Thanks for commenting.

  3. I haven't gotten a lot of births yet, but I just sent out three 1st birthday cards this month. I don't keep in touch with all of my clients but a few of them were friends beforehand and a few are my friends on facebook. I haven't come across anything weird with that yet.


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