Friday, October 14, 2011

MORE Business of Being Born

This is an absolutely amazing video!

Watch the trailer for More Business of Being Born - interviews with celebrities about their birth, Riki Lake and Abby Epstein meet Ina May Gaskin, women talk about how powerful labor and birth can be, issues related to VBAC and the rising Cesarean rate, and how incredible women are.

"It is a woman's right to make that decision of how she's going to give birth to her child, and it's also her right to have the information available so she can make a conscious decision, coming from a place of awareness and not a place of fear."

More Business of Being Born will be sold in a 4-DVD set, including:
1: Down on the Farm
2: Special Deliveries
3: Explore Your Options
4: The VBAC Dilemma
Learn more about them at

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