Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Links of Interest

So, I've been more than a little busy lately, but here are several interesting articles that I've been keeping a list of and been meaning to share... I'm not caught up on my google reader, so you may have seen some of these may have been seen before, but if not, take a look!

  • I've been thinking a lot about the Certified Nurse Midwife vs. Certified Professional Midwife distinction, and here is a really great response to all the recent talk on the subject: CNM vs. CPM on Vita Mutari 

All your years of training–the blood, the sweat, the tears, the money spent on education, the hours sacrificed to your profession–they give you extraordinary skills and abilities and knowledge, but they do not give you  the knowledge of what it’s like to be any one of us

"I quickly realize, though, that either this is the biggest turd of my life, or it is the baby descending like a train through a tunnel"

"...push hard while making this super animalistic noise, very much like what Chewbacca marrying a humpback whale might have sounded like at the end of the raucous wedding reception"

I would say right now I am mostly trying to hash out a spot somewhere between three angles on the topic:
One. The fact that many or even most aspects of modern American birth are not optimal for healthy mothers and babies, aka the public health angle.
Two. The severe lack of information, choice, and agency most women face in their childbirth experiences, aka the feminist angle.
Three. The devious little inner know-it-all birth nerd that thinks everyone should have a non-interventive birth and breastfeed as long as possible, aka the asshole angle.

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