Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Movie: The Perfect Vagina

The Perfect Vagina is a film made in the UK. I heard about this movie about Labiaplasty, or the surgical reduction of the labia minora or majora of the vagina, from Student Doula. I'd actually read about vaginaplasty procedures in Cosmo magazine. This is a type of plastic surgery that is on the rise, and is disturbing for a number of reasons. It seems to be an extreme form of the effect that society has on women disliking their bodies.

The movie, though a little long (about an hour), is worth a look. It has several parts, which are all included in the video embedded below. Filmmaker Heather Leach takes a look at the whole phenomenon of women disliking their vaginas and wanting to change them with plastic surgery. Its also fascinating because, really, how many women actually see other women's vaginas? Real women, not those in porn? The reality is vaginas vary just as much as women do. If you'd like to see some varying vaginas to see what I mean, watch the part where women get molds done of their vaginas!

The video is also enjoyable because of all the really great British slang words for vaginas throughout!

The perfect vagina from heather leach on Vimeo.

Oh, but I should warn you: the first part of the film shows a labiaplasty procedure. I just thought I'd let you know so that you can look away if you want to!

What are your thoughts about this film? and labiaplasty?


  1. I found this movie SO disturbing. Especially the labiaplasty. I can't get that image out of my head. It made me so sad.

  2. I also agree that porn puts a false view of whats normal. I watched porn women when I was younger because I was curious as to what other bit looked like. I was horrified because mine looked so different from theirs. I started pondering to getting it trimmed. I had no idea doctors could do it so I always imagined myself doing it to myself. I knew I could never do it though. I hated my vagina. Until I got older, found out there was way more variety in labia. Now I love my bits.

    So I do understand why these women go through the surgery. They do not understand that they are normal! Every bit is normal. Even the 16 yr old girl with the very large labia was normal!

    I hope this does not become as popular as circumcision and make its way into something we routinely do to infant girls, like we do to our boys. (although I know it is common in Malaysia to do this to our daughters.)

  3. I was also thinking about all of the different words for vagina, and started to think if we had as many different terms here in the States. LOL. But honestly, that's the only part of this movie that was anything to even crack a smile about.

    This is very disturbing!

  4. The Perfect Vagina showed different sides of the average woman's story. Having labiaplasty isn't a necessity, but it is an option open for everyone. A person's choice to undergo one should be respected.

  5. After the Labiaplasty you may experience discomfort when sitting down, going to the toilet or having intercourse. Therefore, you are advised to avoid intercourse during the first four weeks after the labiaplasty.


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