Monday, February 7, 2011

News in my Doula World

Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to write a long, detailed post in awhile because of extreme business in grad school... but also in doula-ing!

I've got a lot of great news on the doula front. I've got a client due the end of February, one due the first week in April, and another due the first week of June. I am so excited! Spring is definitely the big time for births and doulas, at least in my work so far. All the births I did before I moved for grad school were also in the spring.

I was nervous meeting and interviewing with my potential clients, as these are my first ones in several months. But getting to do a prenatal meeting again was AWESOME and it really got me vibrating with excitement. I love being a doula!

Edit: Two of my professors are pregnant, could it be that the pregnancy goddess is sending birth vibes to me this spring?

In other excellent news, I've done some great networking with a few doulas in the area. We are hoping to start up a birth/doula co-operative and really get to networking with the entire birth-related community (obs, prenatal yoga instructors, massage therapists, childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, birth centers, lactation specialists, mom meet-up groups, etc etc!)

To the aspiring doulas out there following along... don't forget that I have a whole bunch of posts under my "doula journey" tab that illustrate how my starting out as a doula has gone... I hope it helps.

Also, my new doula friend that I just met asked me for ideas on what to put in one's doula bag. Here is a list of things that I have definitely used, for myself and for the mom, during labor:
  • battery powered fan
  • wet wash cloth
  • peppermint oil on cotton ball (for nausea)
  • preggie pops (for nausea)
  • ipod and speaker
  • clipboard for note-taking and cert. forms
  • labor progress handbook by Penny Simkin
  • pleasure book for down times
  • money to eat from the cafeteria
  • birth ball
  • knee pad
  • sweater for cold hospital
  • lots of snacks and water
  • cold can of soda, but then switched to freezer pack (back labor)
  • heated rice sock (back labor)
  • breath mints (for me and dad)
  • toothbrush/paste and contacts/glasses to feel refreshed after a long night
  • lip balm (for me) and lansinoh ointment for moms lips
  • camera
  • my hands :)
Things I suggest you also bring:
  • Extra hair ties (lent mine to 2 moms already, seems to be an important thing that is always forgotten)
  • Straws, in case the parents forget their own... these are so useful!
Things I have brought (because they were suggested) but never used:
  • A hand-held mirror in case mom wants to see the baby crowning
  • bathing suit in case mom needs me to get in the shower or tub with her


  1. Congrats on the clients, and all the success!

  2. Sounds very, very exciting! You are inspiring me to get serious again about my ambitions!

  3. Emily. I dm'd you on Twitter would love to talk with you more about your networking efforts. I am a prenatal yoga teacher and doula that currently teaches online at ♥ Megan

  4. Hello! I found your blog when I was googlin' around for medical anthropology and midwifery stuff. I'm also a former anthro major who is volunteering as a doula and starting nursing school in May. Thanks for having this up here! Your list is helpful :)
    Rochester, NY


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