Monday, October 11, 2010

Birth Around the World

Rixa at Stand and Deliver recently did a series about pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding practices around the world. The links to her posts are below - Enjoy!


Birth Around the World: Nursing in public around the world 

To start, I'm featuring a feature written by a mother of three. From Lesotho to Uruguay, Germany to Mexico, in front of ambassadors to kings, she has nursed anywhere and everywhere. A Breast With a View: NIP Around the World was originally published at Lactivist Leanings and is reposted with permission. 

Birth Around the World: Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay

"Chingona" served as a volunteer for the Peace Corps in Paraguay and describes her recollections of the local birth culture. (Reposted from the comments section of the call for submissions).

Birth Around the World: Birth at a midwife clinic in Japan

Sarah of Delightful Pregnancy gave me permission to repost Jamie's birth story. Jamie (who blogs at High Countries) gave birth in Japan to her second baby at her midwife's house. Sarah wrote to me in an email: "Not mentioned in my post are other tidbits from Jamie about her experience, including that during her stay at the midwifes home for several days postpartum, the midwife made her 3 home-made meals every day! Love that personal nurturing...every woman should receive this kind of care. Jamie even sent me some pictures of her meals, which I didn't post because of space, but they looked delicious." 

Birth Around the World: Birth Center in Guadalajara, Mexico

In 2009, Carly gave birth in the Plenitud birth center in Guadalajara, Mexico. The birth center is the first of its kind in Mexico and unlike almost anything found in the US. It's housed in its own wing in a hospital, but is run independently by a team of midwives, childbirth educators, doulas, OBs (José Luis Grefnes), and pediatricians. To read the story of how the birth center came to be, click here (Word document).

Birth Around the World: Origins of Plenitude birth center

This is a long, but fascinating, account of the origins of the Plenitud birth center in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was written by Joni Nichols in 2004 and reposted here with permission. You'll read about how women began leaving their physicians and changing hospitals in favor of Dr. José Luis. You'll see the transformation of a physician as he learns what undisturbed birth really looks and sounds like. You'll gain glimpses into the institutional protocols of Mexican hospitals and understand how truly different the Plenitud birth center is.

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