Friday, July 23, 2010

Great Links

When I don't check my Google Reader for several days I fall behind on the latest women's health news, and only find myself with enough time to share links to the best articles with you. I hope that you'll click over, read, learn, and maybe comment!

Trusting Birth, Controlling Birth by the midwife at BirthSense - I highly recommend you click over and read this post.  Is it a ridiculous idea to trust birth? Should birth be controlled? I love what she has to say!

PhD in Parenting writes a great piece titled "Smoking, Breastfeeding and Public Health" as part of a collaborative effort that seeks to demonstrate why smoking in public is not an appropriate analogy for nursing in public (N.I.P.).

Interesting article at Our Bodies, Our Blog about incarcerated women being shackled during labor and delivery:
Shackled During Labor: Nothing to Lose but Your Humanity

A White Baby girl with a mop of Blonde hair and Blue eyes has been born to Black Parents. Read about how this is possible at BBC Health News

Comedic, if somewhat sad, video called "Advice for Young Girls from The Little Mermaid"


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