Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy International Doula Month!

May is International Doula Month!

Have you thanked your doula lately? 

Bellies and Babies is hosting a two-week Doula Appreciation Giveaway for the Month of May.
This giveaway is open to:
  • Doulas
  • Women who have had/have a doula whom they want to show appreciation by winning a gift for them
  • Professionals who work with doulas whom they would like to show appreciation by winning a gift for them
Keep checking with her blog to find out about the giveaways! 

DONA International is celebrating by holding a photo contest:
Capturing the Doula Spirit - A Contest in Celebration of International Doula Month, May 2010
In celebration of International Doula Month, DONA will honor its members, their doula spirit and the contribution they provide to maternity care by accepting photo action shots that tell your story as a birth or postpartum doula. Click here for more information.
You can see last years winning photos on our new Facebook page!

Birthing Beautiful Ideas is also having a giveaway in honor of International Doula Month with the theme "Doulas are for all types of birthing women!"
You can win a copy of The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin by finishing the sentence "Doulas are for women who..."  Enter by May 31st!

Doularama lists several things that you can do, if you are a doula, to mark the occasion:
1. Take time to reflect on the work you do. Think about the motivating factor that launched you into service. Make sure you haven’t lost sight of your commitment. If you think you have and you don’t have a mentor, reach out to the doula community (even online here) and communicate to someone who understands.
2. Take time to care for yourself and replenish your spirit. Our energy can so easily be sapped if we don’t take care of our needs and we will not be able to serve others. I know it’s a cliché already, but let me remind you that, when you’re on that airplane and the oxygen masks drop, you need to get yours on first before you help anyone else.
3. Attend a workshop or class that will help broaden your understanding of the things your clients may be facing. You might not be able to get continuing education units or points with your organization, but you will likely grow professionally and personally.
4. Make your presence known in your community. Better yet, step out of your comfort zone, and reach out to an underserved population, offering your services at a reduced rate. I volunteer at a clinic in the South Bronx, teaching prenatal classes. Most of the women end up wanting doulas so I match them with free doulas who are still seeking certification.
5. Network with other doulas and see if you can do all of the above with a group. Organize a class, party, outing or spa day.


  1. I love #6. You are making such an incredible difference, not in only a mother's life, but the life of her whole family. So, so fabulous!


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