Monday, April 12, 2010

Check out the Healthy Blog Carnival on Pushing!

Amy Romano at the Science and Sensibility Blog has posted the Fifth Healthy Birth Blog Carnival: Push it real good!

Check it out! Some fantastic links to posts and blogs on:

  • Stories that show what spontaneous, upright pushing looks, feels, and sounds like. 
  • Stories that document the opposite: our cultural norm of rushed and managed birth, and the emotional and physical toll this approach can take.
  • Stories of women who prepared carefully for birth were not necessarily immune to repression and coercion in second stage.
  • Stories that show that it is possible, healthy, and feels amazing to push a baby out with one’s own immense power in all sorts of unexpected circumstances.
  • Stories of women whose births took place at home, where women can more easily follow their own instincts to birth their babies, and are usually attended by midwives and labor companions who encourage and support those instincts.

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