Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MA/MPH here I come! (I hope!)

Hooray! Everything is officially in for my application to graduate school! I am very excited that I found a program that incorporates both medical anthropology and public health in maternal and child health. Now all I can do is sit back and wait for the decision, which probably won't come for another 60 blog posts. haha.


  1. lol! Congrats! YEY back to FL for ussss!!!! :)

  2. Fantastic and congratulations! I know what a relief it is to get that out of the way (even if the waiting game can be just as painful!)

    Do you mind sharing what program you applied to? Good luck!

  3. its at USF's Applied Anth program. while I'm not sure I want to do Applied Anth as a career, the department has a lot of medical anthropologists on staff which is great, in addition to offering a dual degree with the school of public health.


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