Monday, December 28, 2009

a position change or an unnecessaren?

Happy Holidays!

I've been partially following the story about Joy Szabo and her VBAC woes due to a change hospital policy which no longer allowed them, but I realized that some of you may not have heard anything about it, so I thought I'd post some info on it here.

Here's some background info:
While seven months pregnant with her fourth child, Joy Szabo was told by her local hospital that she would be required to have a repeat cesarean section rather than allow her to have the birth she wanted, a VBAC. It didn’t matter that she had already had one VBAC at this hospital, the policy had changed and VBACs were no longer permitted there.

After their discussion with their doctor, the Szabos made an appointment to speak with Page Hospital’s CEO, Sandy Haryasz. When the couple told her about their desire for a vaginal birth, they say Haryasz would not budge, even telling them she would get a court order if necessary to ensure Joy delivered via C-section.

The Szabos thought that seemed extreme and rather than succumb to the hospital’s new policy, a few weeks before her due date Joy moved into a Phoenix apartment 350 miles away from her husband and three children while she waited to go into labor. At the Phoenix hospital Joy gave birth to her fourth son Marcus Anthony in an “uncomplicated vaginal delivery.”

CNN wrote a quick-read article on it that I'd like to share, called Mom fights, gets the delivery she wants.

The article also includes some questions you should ask your doctor or midwife in the delivery room if the suggestion is made that it's time to give up on a vaginal birth and head to the operating room, which are interesting. Take a look!

I particularly like the caption on one of the photos, which says... "[so and so] was told she'd need a C-section, but a simple change in position allowed [baby] to come out vaginally."

A Simple Change in Position helped the baby come out, while the doctors were vying for a C-section.  Why didn't the doctors just suggest a change in position first, rather than dangerous, expensive, painful surgery? hmmm... Go Doula!

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