Saturday, November 7, 2009

First Post


I am an aspiring Doula and future medical anthropologist. The purpose of this blog is to share the information I discover on pregnancy, childbirth, mothering, breastfeeding and so forth, on my journey to becoming a doula.

I am passionate about helping women be fully informed about the entire pregnancy/birth/mother process so that they may have the most ideal possible experience throughout their pregnancy, birth, and motherhood!

I am right at the start of my Doula certification process, and would like to document as fully as possible my experience with learning and training. After I decided to go ahead and register for the training workshop that would begin my certification process, I tried to find blogs on the beginning doula training experience of others. Unfortunately, I had no luck! Thusly,  with this blog I am hoping to help myself, and eventually others, on the doula path.

I realized that I was posting a great deal of birth related articles on my old blog, and thought it might be time to find a separate location for all of those thoughts.  A lot of what I learn is all new to me, so I will be simply expressing my thoughts and impressions on it all.  Enjoy!

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