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Not sure what a doula does?
What Is a Doula?
Doula: The Essential Ingredient
Why I Became a Doula
Five Reasons Dads Should Demand a Doula (written by a dad)

Breastfeeding and Feminism
Female Bodies and the Issue of Choice: Part I
Female Bodies and the Issue of Choice: Part II

Just for Fun:
Super Doula Comic

Ideas about Birth:
Birth and Culture

Flexibility and Birth Empowerment OR Why you Shouldn't "Try" to Have a Natural Birth
Ina May Gaskin and Holistic Maternity Care
Epidural Anesthesia Can Be a Good Thing
Where's the Evidence Based Medicine? 10 Common Obstetric Procedures Not Supported By Science

A "Natural" Age of Weaning
Extended Breastfeeding
Beautiful Breastfeeding Art Worldwide
Breastfeeding PSA's from Around the World
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Interesting Tips:
Assessing Labor Dilation Without An Internal Exam
Non-Drug Methods for Inducing or Speeding Up Labor 

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