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This is the blog of a Birth Junkie!

I write about childbirth, breastfeeding, doulas, feminism, anthropology, public health, women's issues, culture, maternal and child health, vaginas, breasts, lactation, midwives, pregnancy, reproductive health, and more.

I am a Medical Anthropologist, which falls under the purview of of Cultural Anthropology. I am a certified Birth Doula with DONA International. I am also certified in Public Health and as a Lactation Counselor.

I recently graduated with a Masters in Applied Anthropology and a Masters in Public Health (maternal and child health). I work for a public health organization that focuses on quality improvement in perinatal health care.

This blog began as a way to share the information I discover on pregnancy, childbirth, mothering, breastfeeding and so forth, on my journey to becoming a doula. After I decided to register for the training workshop that would begin my certification process, I tried to find blogs on the beginning doula training experience of others. Unfortunately, I had no luck! Thusly, with this blog I am hoping to help myself, and eventually others, on the doula path. I hope that aspiring doulas will stumble upon my blog and find it useful.

I grew up with little knowledge of birth, and I never realized that there were differences in birth experiences. I didn't know that you had a choice in where you could give birth, who attended your birth, that there were different positions you could give birth in. It is my goal to help women be fully informed about their choices and to empower women's birth experiences.

A lot of what I learn is all new to me, so I will simply be expressing my thoughts and impressions on it all.  I like to think I'm educating women, but I'm really just educating myself!

My future goals include a PhD and motherhood. I am a feminist. I love travel, other cultures and foreign languages.


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